National Signing Day

Wednesday, February 7, is a day every college coach marks on his calendar. February 7th is national signing day, the day when all recruiting classes are finalized and football pundits can begin to talk about who will have a legitimate shot at a national title. For years this has been the big day, but this year, the NCAA changed the rules and allowed for one early signing period to take place in December for a few days. Most players signed their national letters of intent on those days, but there are still a few prized recruits left to commit including 4 star OT from Maryland, Rasheed Walker. Rasheed Walker is the most important remaining prospect for Penn State football as the offensive line has been a sore spot for the team the last few years. Other than Walker, Penn State will be watching to see what 4 star receiver Solomon Enis will do. Enis, for a long time, has been projected to go Penn State because he is the son of former Penn State All-American Curtis Enis. Other than this, signing day will be a quiet day for Penn State. With this in mind, this blog will take the time to now highlight some key pieces of the recruiting class.

5 Stars: Micah Parsons, Justin Shorter, Ricky Slade. These three players were touched upon in the last blog because of how instrumental they will be for the sustained success of the program. All three players have the ability to play as freshman.

5 Star Justin Shorter shows his potential.

4 Stars: 11 in total. With 11 total four star recruits to go along with the 3 five stars, Penn State has an incredible number of 14 blue chip prospects. This total is enough to propel Penn State into uncharted territory as, according to ESPN, this is Penn State’s highest recruiting class ever (the classes began being scored in 2006) With this is mind, fans everywhere should be very excited for what is to come in the next few years. Of those four stars we will focus in on a few. 1. Jayson Oweh. Oweh is a very interesting and exciting prospect. He is a DE and ranked as the fifth best at his position in the country. Owen signed during the early signing period but did not announce his decision till later on national tv (he chose the Lions over OSU) Besides his lighting speed and agility, the reason he is so exciting is that he did not begin playing football until he was a junior in high school. That’s right. High school. He is just full of untapped potential and should be one to keep an eye on. 2. Frederick Scruggs out of Erie Cathedral. This is a very important player as he will help alleviate the O-Line issues. He is the fourth best player in respective position. 3. Zach Kuntz/Pat Friermouth. Kuntz and Friermouth are part of the best signed TE duo in the country. Kuntz is the 4th best in his position and Friermouth is the 9. Two top ten TEs is a solid start at replacing Mike Gesicki.

The new season cannot come soon enough. At least Blue White game is coming up.

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  1. Hi Matt!

    I thought this post was really cool because, although I love Penn State Football, I don’t know much about the recruitment process. I thought the introductory sentences were epic. They really hyped the reader up with their simple structure and repetitive nature in a really cool way. The structure of your post was also really cool! I liked the way you first took us through Penn State’s 5 star recruits, then some of their 4 star recruits. The addition of the gif was also really cool so that we could see Justin Shorter in action.

    I thought your post was captivating and it really got me hyped for the Blue and White game!
    – Shannon Harney

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