Writing strategies: how and when to apply them

Throughout pages 93-97, Addario’s writing about a near-death, life-changing experience as a conflict photographer demonstrates her adept use of writerly strategies to draw in her audience. Utilizing foreshadowing, imagery, emotional appeal, and blatant honesty, Addario conveys the severity and danger of the situation in which she has placed herself. In addition, her writing exposes some of the aspects of a war that one may not be aware of as she recounts the gruesome, cold details of the scenes.

With that said, Addario sets the scene before, during, and after a car bomb explosion in an anti-American area. Her vivid description of one of the most compelling, influential experiences in her career as a photographer allows her audience to truly understand how passionate she is about her career as a photographer.

As I write about my passion, I think I could use several of the strategies that Addario employed in the scene that I identified. For example, emotional appeal would be a great writing strategy to take advantage of when I want to express my appreciation for the staff in the North Penn School District that shaped me into who I am today, guided me throughout my educational career, and encouraged me to pursue my passion for education. Although it may be difficult, I could put my feelings into words about these influential people in my life, so my audience experiences and recognizes my genuine appreciation.

In addition, I could adopt the use of imagery when I discuss North Penn High School’s (NPHS) classes, clubs, and organizations. Because NPHS offers such a unique academic experience, someone who were to read my passion blog that doesn’t or didn’t attend the large public school might not understand why the three things listed are so important to me if they cannot picture what I am discussing. For instance, through the use of imagery, I could describe the most influential features of a classroom that provided me with the most enriching, memorable learning experience.

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  1. Carly Hart
    September 14, 2017 at 1:20 pm (1 year ago)


    Great job with noticing all of the writing strategies that Addario uses. I can tell that you have a very good understanding of the different types of strategies that authors use and how they affect the reader. I would like you to give a short description of the scene, however, because I could not remember the exact one right off the top of my head. Since you provided the page numbers, I was able to look it up, which helped. Emotional appeals and imagery would be really good strategies to use for your passion blog. I can definitely understand how you could express your love for education through triggering the reader’s emotions and adding your vivid use of imagery. Since you have a great understanding of these strategies, I think your passion blog will be very successful.



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