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The History of a Public Controversy Contract

The History of a Public Controversy

Group Members: Emma Barber, Noelia Ortiz-Landazabal, Ava Self, Anushka Shah, Taylor Young, Anna Zuckerman

Topic: Segregation in Schools

Segregation in Schools

Working Thesis: Segregation in schools is a problem in the public-schools of the USA, so we want to show how this is a prevalent issue, which not only happens among schools, but also within classes


What is the controversy? (Does it exist? Yes/No How do we know it’s a controversy? Explain.)

  1. Current state of segregation in schools
    1. How did we get here?
    2. How did it arise?
    3. What has influenced it?
  2. Legislation regarding segregation
    1. Bussing
    2. Magnet schools
  3. How does segregation affect students?
    1. Achievement gap
    2. Access to resources
    3. Quality of life
  4. How is this going to impact the future of public school education?
    1. Betsy DeVos
    2. Vouchers
    3. School choice
  5. Explicit Examples
    1. Empirical Evidence
    2. Find schools where integration works
    3. Find schools that are segregated
  6. Address the other side of the argument; it doesn’t exist
  7. Questions that come up from research?

Division of Research

In this chart, we distribute the research among our group members to complete this aspect of the project more efficiently. To ensure overlap and thorough research of each major question, each member has been assigned at least three topics. Everyone was able to pick their own topics to research, so all group members have had a say in this process. In addition to researching, we will summarize and take notes from our research and add that material to a separate folder for research.

Research Topic Group Members
History of school segregation? Anna Taylor Ava
Legislation on school segregation? Anna Noelia Emma
How does segregation affect students? Noelia Ava Emma
How is it going to impact the future of public school education? Ava Anushka Taylor
Explicit Examples: Noelia Emma Anushka
Other side: It doesn’t exist: Anna Anushka Taylor
Other that arises from research Free to anyone Free to anyone Free to anyone


Member Roles

In this chart, we have assigned two people to serve as the team leaders for each major part of the assignment. These roles do not mean that we will not work together on all aspects, rather they help to better organize the structure of our group, so we can accomplish each task more efficiently.

Task Team Leaders
Organizing Research Emma Anushka
Writing Script/Story board Ava Taylor
Filming Video Anna Noelia
Editing Video Everyone Everyone