One of the central conflicts Adarrio faces is whether or not she is doing the right thing. She knows most women her age are not seeking a death defying, cut throat, action packed job like she is. Instead they are settling down and beginning to raise families. Throughout her journeys back to the Middle East she contemplates whether she too should begin settling down. Her job has already cost her one love in her life, and if she continues forward with this work it may cost her another shot at love, this time with Paul. While on the front lines, her close companion and chief empathizer, Elizabeth increasingly feels the signs of pregnancy. Adarrio goes home to her boyfriend Paul, yet Elizabeth stays and the guilt Addarrio feels that she too is not out there leads her to come back to the Middle East, well stocked with stuff that Elizabeth will need. This passage is ver relatable because in life, there comes a time in most people’s lives where they must choose between work and the ones they love.

In my life, I had a similar conflict. Just this week, my dog passed away. We knew for a long time that he had cancer, we just did not know when it would be time. I awoke Sunday morning to the text that Monday would be the day. Should I go home and see him one last time or should I stay here and focus on school? Like Addarrio, I chose work and left my dog wondering why he had not seen me in so long. He spent the last few months of his life, a life that had revolved around my family, without me. This is the price that must be paid for future success. We move on and hope that the people we love understand.

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  1. I really like your take on Addario’s internal conflict and it seemed to be very relatable to you and your story at this time in your life. I’m so sorry you lost your dog this week, though. 🙁 However, this part of Addario’s life can serve as a reference point for others struggling like she did, perhaps even you. Choosing between your career and love (or school and your dog) is much more of a common occurrence than people believe it to be, and it can be quite admirable to be able to make a decision and stick with it, no matter if you’re confident in it or not. This is a really good example of how Addario struggles with internal conflict but eventually resolves it. Well done!

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