The first picture that really stood out to me was on page 146. It is a simple picture of her grandmother and grandfather just sipping coffee but it really hit me because she goes into all these places where there is nothing but hate and gruesome violence. In these places she constantly photographs images of this. In the midst of all this, she takes just a sweet and innocent candid photo of her grandparents. It seems so out of place given her line of work, yet it really shows her humanity. She is not just some camera apathetically taking photos of her surroundings. Addario is a human being who has loved ones and cares about and misses those loved ones.

The second picture that struck me was on page 210. In direct contrast to the picture of her grandparents peacefully sipping coffee, this picture shows a car bombing outside the British consulate. Addario captures the harsh reality of the world in which she works. This world, widely unknown to Americans, is one of carnage and blood. We get to sit in a safe little world an ocean away from the hellish conditions she is working in. Addario does an excellent job of using starkly contrasting photos to show her readers how incredibly different her two worlds are, these photos are an antithesis of each other.

In order to make my blogs more alive I can incorporate images to illustrate my words. It has been said that a picture is worth 1,000 words. That sure would be helpful to depict the Nittany Lions football games when I can use a max of only 500 words. Additionally, the photos of Saquon Barkley doing superhuman things are the only thing that can prove I am not making up what I am writing about. He is such an incredible athlete one must actually see with their own eyes his awesome feats of athleticism.

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