Hydro energy

For my civic issue blog i am going to write about different renewable energy sources.

Hydro Energy

in our modern society the thought is drifting through minds of many of how we are going to generate power in the future without fossil fuels, how to act more sustainable. The thought of hydroelectricity excites me and makes me want to learn more knowing that our planet is covered mainly in water. By using water and the currents from the ocean to generate power in underwater turbines it is very possible to decrease our worlds dependance on natural resources such as coal and oil. Hydroelectricity is being used currently in the forms of dams which allow water to flow from a large source to a smaller body of water.

An article from the USGS water science school talks about this issue and gave me the background information on this and lead me to think about how useful this can be in todays society. Although we already have many damns already built and they have been known to crack from natural disasters, my thoughts are to use natural landscapes such as waterfalls and the natural currents in rivers. If a turbine were to be created and inserted into rivers the generated power can be used to power local towns and homes rather than depending on large energy companies. This method of capturing natural resources and using it to generate energy is already being used in some remote areas of our nation. A dear family of mine works his summers at his uncles remote fishing camp in Alaska where the only source of energy comes from the river. In many remote areas this is the only source of energy and it has proven to be very effective, so why not promote this energy source to the rest of the country?

throughout our planet we have 7 oceans that we are not using to their full ability which can be to generate power. Thermal and mechanical energy have been created from the oceans, thermal by using geothermal to capture the suns energy and mechanical by means of using the waves and tides. with more than 70% of our earths surface covered by oceans we should be using this to generate more energy. Ocean thermal energy can be used to generate electricity from three different types of conversions, closed cycle, open cycle, and a hybrid. One of the more common methods is the closed cycle which uses the warm surface waters to create a vapor which later in turn powers a turbine. similar to this method but also different the closed cycle system boils the seawater then similarly runs a turbine off of the steam.

Throughout my research I’ve found that almost all of the ways to gather hydro energy involve a turbine  being powered by the movement of water or from the heat that can be generated from the water.  i think this style of generating electricity can cut our dependance on oil and reduce our carbon footprint.









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