The great outdoors

bittersweet moments

For my passion blog i am going to write about one of my greatest passions, the great outdoors. This passion of mine started when i was 11 years old and my father took me on my first deer hunt. I had been along before small game hunting but never before after something like the elusive whitetail. Our morning began with a quiet yet brisk walk through the dark to our stand. My 11 year old heart was racing with excitement while trying to remain quiet. This is it i thought, finally after listening to all of the stories from family and friends it was my time to experience it. The day broke with the sun rising through the tree line and began to thaw the frozen ground. Being the 11 year old i was patience was not on my side but my father kept reminding me to be patient and to remain still. Right as we were about to call it for the morning and head in for lunch i spotted a brown body approaching our stand and was taken by the beauty of it. I had always seen deer driving along roadways but never while actually hunting for one.

After alerting my father he knew i was too nervous to take the shot he decided it was time to act. One quick bang and the deer lay there lifeless, pain free from a perfect shot my father was always proud of. It was then that i realized there is much more to hunting than just pulling a trigger. As we approached what would become many meals to our family i could not help but to notice the bittersweet moment we had upon us. Although we were successful on this hunt, I have made numerous walks back to the truck empty handed but still enjoying the whistle of the winds and the autumn foliage falling into beautiful colors on the forest floor. I am a religious man and i feel closest to my lord when i am out in his world, where the oldest and wise are large oak trees and the sunset can paint a thousand words.


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