Design Study: Milk Frother

A few weeks ago, I had the option of going to a Design study.  I did not know what it was, but I went anyway.  When I arrived there we were given a milk frother that we had to take apart, analyze the design, and then think of our own designs of how to make frothing milk more efficient.

For those who do not know what a milk frother is, it aerates the milk by rapidly agitating it to introduce as much air as possible, thus creating the layer of bubbles that are seen on the top of coffee drinks.  The device itself comes in many different designs as shown below.

              Sensio Bella Professional™ Milk Frother and Warmer

The milk frothing device on the left (handheld device) is the one that we took apart and analyzed the design of how it was made.  Personally, I thought the design was very simple and did its job just fine, but we were required to think of new designs.  So we were given 15 minutes or so to come up with as many new ideas as possible.  Some of my ideas included the use of two rotating shafts instead of one, others had two or three whisk heads that all rotated.  Then, I also had some abstract ideas that were highly unlikely to be used, but still creative.

All in all, the Design study was a great experience because now I know what engineers go through when coming up with designs for different ideas.  It was a cool process and something that I can definitely see myself doing in the future.


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  1. Ryan Tracy says:

    We did it during the extra credit opportunity that you sent us

  2. Richard says:


    what was this for?

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