Bad Design

Although there is some great technology and spectacular designs out there today, there is also some inventions and designs that just make you say, “who is the idiot that designed this?”  You can see these bad designs everywhere you go in everyday life.  For example, push doors that have handles.  Everyone knows that a handle means “pull”.  It just makes people look like idiots when trying to open these kind of doors, when the real idiot is the guy who designed it.

Like I said before, these designs are everywhere, even on your car.  Now don’t get me wrong, the car is one of the greatest inventions of all-time, but there are some stupid features on them.  First, the gas tank door is on different sides of the car depending on what car you drive.  So many people pull into get gas and realize they parked on the wrong side of the pump.  Here’s a thought, put the gas tank door on the drivers side of every vehicle, for two reasons.  One, so that everyone knows what side of the gas pump to park on, and two, so the driver doesn’t have to walk all the way around to the other side of his car to pump gas.  Another bad design in your car is the center console.  In some cars, the radio and the CD players are blocked by drinks sitting in cup holders.  Here’s a solution, move the cup holders behind the gear shifter so that the console can be easily reached.


Woman Fails At Using Petrol Pump

In my opinion, one of the stupidest designs is the USB and USB port.  It appears that the junk drive will fit into the port no matter how you put in, but upon further frustration, it only goes in one way.  Both sides of the USB look the same, and it is a perfect rectangle.  All you have to do is design a USB head with an uneven shape that will obviously only go in one way.

All these designs have easy solutions, unfortunately for most of these examples, designers don’t realize they are bad until the design has been released to the public.  It just seems like some of these people lack common sense because all of these bad designs are preventable.

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4 Responses to Bad Design

  1. Ryan Tracy says:

    Exactly! It only makes sense. Its not like you’ll only be able to pull in on one side of the gas pump, because you can just come in from the other side. Some designs are just incredibly stupid.

  2. Josh Baumann says:

    So after reading this, what I am thinking is that dumb designs can be completely overcome with the idea of universal guidelines for items. For example, it would be so simple to just have the gas cap on every car on the same side, but why don’t we do it?

  3. Richard says:


    most need a commonly accepted industry norm, and that is often hard to achieve

    but some are dumb designs and a few are OK just that some don’t like the design or it is thusr that is dumb

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