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Greatest Engineering Achievements

Can you imagine life without cars, television, or electricity?  I know I can’t, because I use these technologies everyday.  But just not too long ago some of these technologies weren’t even created yet.  The 20th century has brought us some … Continue reading

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Infrared Thermometer on Smart Phone

Parents around the world have all experienced the struggle of trying to take their kids temperature, but soon there could be an app for that.  “Fraden Corporation has been granted a patent that may in the future allow the smart … Continue reading

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SketchUp vs. SolidWorks

SketchUp is a 3D computer aided design program that many professionals use.  The type of engineers that use this program the most are mechanical, architectural, and civil.  SketchUp is fairly similar to the CAD program SolidWorks; except I think that … Continue reading

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