Infrared Thermometer on Smart Phone

Parents around the world have all experienced the struggle of trying to take their kids temperature, but soon there could be an app for that.  “Fraden Corporation has been granted a patent that may in the future allow the smart phone to become an accurate medical diagnosing instrument that, without physical contact, can instantly measure someones temperature.”

The way this would work is the app on the phone would detect the intensity of the invisible infrared light.  The infrared sensor would be located next to the camera.  One must hold the phone about 1 inch away from the baby’s or patient’s temple.  The phone will then just take the temperature and the result is there within a second.

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Not only is this invention fast-resulting and very easy to use, it is also very convenient and hassle-free.  The best part about the infrared thermometer is that if you have your phone, you have your thermometer.  Also, there is no physical contact, which is probably the feature that parents appreciate the most, because no one likes to see their baby cry.

This product doesn’t just measure the temperature of people, it also can determine the temperature of a surface such as a stove, baby’s bath water, or even something in a science lab experiment.  The infrared thermometer has a wide range in which it can measure. Starting at -22 ºF, it can measure a max temperature of 400 ºF.  As you can see, the infrared thermometer is a breakthrough in not only technology but also health and safety, because it does have the potential to save lives.


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6 Responses to Infrared Thermometer on Smart Phone

  1. Richard says:

    i think it is great idea when out in a restaurant or store or on travel or as a medic in a remote location. The temp may be instantly transmitted along with any photos. It is one type of telemedicine. The additional cost is pretty small.

  2. Ryan Tracy says:

    It probably would be very expensive, but the whole point was to eliminate contact with the baby. So if you don’t want to have the struggle with your kid then it could be worth it; if you don’t mind using a thermometer then that’s fine too.

  3. Georgia Konzel says:

    I imagine, implementing infrared lasers into phone would be very expensive, do you think it would be worth it, when the parent could just use a thermometer?

  4. Ryan Tracy says:

    Good questions! I agree that there are definitely flaws with this design. To protect it from breaking most people just use cases. The articles did not say exactly what the price would be, and for the people who want the product but don’t have a smartphone, I believe in the future they might try to make it compatible with non-smart phones.

  5. Ryan Kaverman says:

    I would imagine that the creation of this product would use new technology and would make it cost more. And how do you protect it from breaking. It is at a very volatile spot on the phone which is often cracked.

  6. Ryan Kaverman says:

    How much would it cost to start implementing this into phones? And what would they do about people that already have a smartphone but want this product?

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