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Re-AIM Lab

Responsive and Adaptive Infrastructure Materials  Research Group


Our research contributes primarily to the cement and concrete engineering and scientific communities through the development of sustainable and resilient cementitious materials. To this end, we primarily focus on probing how degradation mechanisms and how cement chemistries affect the durability, mechanical, and environmental performance of modern cementitious materials. As an extension of this work, we pair with innovative technologies, such as additive manufacturing and structural health monitoring, to produce responsive and adaptive cementitious materials capable of meeting sustainability and resiliency performance metrics in new and existing structures. Explore these pages to learn more about our research, current lab members, job opportunities, and more!

Our Vision + Mission

We focus on the sustainability of the built environments


Achieve a better harmony between natural and built environments.


We utilize modern cement chemistry and multi-disciplinary collaboration to ‘reaim’ current concrete specification paradigms. By doing so we can develop sustainable, responsive, adaptive materials and tools to better design, mitigate, predict the service life of urban assets for infrastructure designers, owners, and operators.

Our Research Responds to…
UN Sustainable Development Goals

Our projects support the utilization of novel local materials for sustainable and resilient buildings (Goal 11. Target C).

Global Grand Challenges

Our projects lay at the intersection of novel construction methods and materials (Restore Infrastructure).

NSF 2026 Big Ideas
Our projects are multi-disciplinary and re-envision a resource-independent urban infrastructure.

Our Research

We consider the life-cycle of the built environment


    1. Characterize the degradation mechanisms of cementitious materials.
    2. Leverage degradation mechanisms to produce responsive materials for new construction.
    3. Engineer the durability of materials to develop adaptive material solutions to rehabilitate existing structures.
    4. Understand the service life and sustainability of urban assets and modern concrete technologies.


    1. We characterize mechanisms of cementitious materials through experimental and computational research which leverages modern cement chemistry fundamentals.
    2. We foster inter-disciplinary teams and collaborations to innovate our understanding of degradation mechanisms.  
    3. We leverage advances in automated construction, inorganic/organic chemistry, and additive manufacturing to synthesize novel materials. 
    4. We utilize statistics and coding-based strategies to accelerate high-impact pathways. 

Join our Team

We are always looking for team members from multiple disciplines 

As a part of the Re-AIM research team, you will form part of an exciting community of scientists and engineers dedicated to advancing innovative concrete technologies to solve our most pressing societal challenges (e.g., global climate change). You will advance your career by benefiting from both a world-renowned education as well as state-of-the-art facilities on advanced characterization, simulation, and applications of novel concrete technology at the Materials Research Institute (MRI), Sustainability Institute (SI), Social Science Research Institute (SSRI) as well as the Applied Research Laboratory (ARL), among others.

We are seeking highly motivated students from a wide variety of fields to join the team (Architectural, Civil, or Environmental Engineering, Materials Science, Physics, Geochemistry, Architecture, Mechanical Engineering, and Chemistry).  If this research is exciting to you, please email us your CV, a short description of your specific research interests, and your goals in pursuing a Ph.D. or M.S. 

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