Redwing group holiday party- 2020. Clearly Anushka is a selfie expert in the group 😀 (it might also be related to the fact that she is co-managing the website :P)

Farewell party for Xiaotian and Mikhail. Well, it was a tiring day for us. Bowling is not that easy, there were tears…

This is us when we are not in a social setting. The REAL Redwing group!

Our former team member Dr. Joseph Brom in Poland posing with Madam Składowska Curie’s statue holding Polonium which she named after her homeland. A little tidbit from our Academic family tree. 

Redwing group at Safety Olympics, September 2018
Some fun before summer ends! @Greenwood furnace state park.
Our fun is not limited to lab. We rocked at Annual MatSE Banquet too! #2018

Happy Monday!Congratulations Dr. Zak Al Balushi on finishing his Ph.D. He is currently a Resnick Post Doctoral Fellow at California Institute of Technology.

Congratulations Azim on finishing his Master’s. He is continuing for his Ph.D. with us.

Redwing group at the ACCGE conference in 2017 at Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Redwing Group posing for the 2017 photo shoot.

Group having fun during rafting.

Redwing group during ACCGE conference in 2015.

Safety is very important! Redwing group at Safety Olympics in 2015.

Congratulations to Dr. Jarod Gagnon and Dr. Joseph Brom for completing their Ph.D.