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Dr. Ulrike Bauer Visits The Renner Lab

We were very lucky to have Dr. Ulrike Bauer visit the laboratory the past 10 days to collaborate on a Nepenthes transcriptome project. On October 26th, she gave a wonderful departmental seminar ‘Springboards, water slides and sticky pools – How carnivorous pitcher plants catch their food’. Dr. Ulrike’s research uses carnivorous plants as a model to investigate mechanical defense strategies of plants. Her work combines the study of functional plant morphology with elements of biomechanics, ecology and developmental biology to address both ecological and evolutionary questions. I invite you to read about her current research that was featured on BBC.com this October (http://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-34414284) and to watch a short video (http://tinyurl.com/ndt3o2b). Of course, between lab work and brainstorming, we had to visit some great San Diego wilderness areas.


Harvard University Visit

Tanya visited Harvard University to give a seminar for the Cambridge Entomological Club. She also had a chance to visit with Dr. Naomi Pierce, Shayla Salzman, and Dr. Leonora Bittleston in the Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology.

Beautiful poster created by Andrea Golden, CEC secretary/poster designer.

Amanda Romaine Presents at Evolution 2014

Tanya and undergraduate researcher Amanda Romaine are going to Evolution 2014! Please stop by Amanda’s poster on “The implications of life history on the molecular evolution of chemoreception in predatory paussine beetles”, research supported by NIH and the PERT program at the University of Arizona.

Update: We had a great time at Evolution 2014! Amanda had many people visit her poster and Tanya’s paussine chemosensory talk was well attended. We even had a chance to visit some carnivorous plants in the wild at the Green Swamp.Picture