Nature Conserved, History Preserved

“The aim or objective of a true conservationist is the stewardship of our natural resources, air, water, and land.” —Maurice K. Goddard Nature doesn’t get any prettier than Pennsylvania any season of the year. In the southeast a portion of the Appalachian Trail is available for hiking; there’s whitewater rafting … Continue reading

Motivated to Research

“Going into my master’s I didn’t know I wanted to be a professor,” says Johannes Raabe, assistant professor of kinesiology at Penn State Altoona, when asked about his career direction. Originally from Germany, Raabe came to the University of Wyoming to work on his master’s in kinesiology and health and … Continue reading

Environmental Studies in Hawai’i

Penn State Altoona students have a unique opportunity in the Spring 2019 semester: taking an environmental studies class that starts in Altoona and ends with 12 days of study in the Hawaiian Islands. Carolyn Mahan, professor of biology and environmental studies, and Lisa Emili, associate professor of physical geography and … Continue reading

Student Expo 2018

Every semester end at Penn State Altoona means the Student Showcase, where students present the results of their research projects, mainly in the fields of business and engineering. And every spring brings the Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities Fair (URCAF), which includes a poster session on research projects, presentations of … Continue reading

The Benefits of a Summer of Research

Involving undergraduate students in research is an important part of the college experience. When they participate in university research projects, they learn how research happens, utilize critical-thinking and communication skills, and often are in contact with established businesses, which could lead to job opportunities upon graduation. The Multi-Campus Research Experience … Continue reading

ICSSA 2018–Seoul, South Korea

For the second year in a row, Penn State Altoona faculty and students participated in the International Conference on Software Security and Assurance, technically sponsored by the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE). The 2017 conference had been hosted by Penn State Altoona. In July 2018 the fourth annual … Continue reading

Hands-on History

The last summer—after high school, before college—carries so much meaning. A student might be working one last job to earn money, or spending the summer at the beach, or even squeezing in those last few hours with a high school sweetheart before parting in August. Some incoming freshmen at Penn … Continue reading