Global Fellows 2020

For the third straight year students from Seoul Women’s University, South Korea, traveled to the Penn State Altoona campus to work on a project with Altoona Security and Risk Analysis (SRA) majors for the Global Fellows program. Last year’s students concentrated on an app for the Lower Trail, part of … Continue reading

Building Bridges

The Mayan people may be considered “ancient,” merely a subject for middle school social studies classes. However, descendants of the Mayans of Mesoamerica live throughout the world, bringing their history and culture into the 21st century. Roselyn Costantino, professor of Spanish, women’s, gender and sexuality studies and Latin American studies … Continue reading

The Sharpest Cut

A single digital gas-flow rate control—in other words, a gas valve—can cost a company thousands of dollars. In manufacturing, gas valves are used in welding and cutting applications, where a number of gases are combined as part of the cutting process. Each added gas means adding another valve. So from … Continue reading

Ivyside Eats

“Food is our common ground, a universal experience.” –James Beard When people hear the term “food insecurity,” the first vulnerable group that comes to mind is not college students. But too often, after the expenses that come with a college education, students struggle to find affordable meals. At Penn State … Continue reading

All-Access Backstage Pass

When is a college course considered paradise? When part of it is in Hawaiʻi. Midway through the Spring 2019 semester 16 Penn State students from four campuses—Altoona, DuBois, Schuylkill, and University Park—began an environmental studies class with Penn State Altoona’s Carolyn Mahan, professor of biology and environmental studies, and Lisa … Continue reading

Student Expo 2019

The room buzzed with activity—students, faculty, and even some parents attending the annual Student Expo in Slep’s multipurpose room. Rows of posters with subjects ranging from environmental studies to engineering snaked through the room; the students who created those posters were poised, ready to explain their work to interested visitors. … Continue reading

Ancestry for Birds

Wren or nuthatch? Red-bellied woodpecker or Northern flicker? Turkey or buzzard? Birders—those who watch birds as a hobby—may scoff at these examples. They know to look at the beak, the coloring, the shape of the wings in flight. They know which birds are migrating when and where to find them. … Continue reading

Changing the Message

It was 2015 and award-winning poet and Penn State Altoona professor Patricia Jabbeh Wesley was back in her native country of Liberia, teaching poetry to adult men. Her son Mlen-Too Wesley II pointed out to her that the men didn’t really take her seriously. “They,” he told her, “don’t want … Continue reading

Young Scholars of Liberia, June-July 2019

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