A Lifetime of Achievements

Husband and wife. Political scientist and sociologist. Teachers both—at Penn State Altoona. While Lou and Anna Leopold worked in different fields, they shared many interests that came together in retirement. Lou had a vast and varied career before, during, and after his time teaching at Penn State Altoona (1963–85). After … Continue reading

Working on the Railroad

Imagine an industry based on a nineteenth-century technology having a wide-open job market in the twenty-first century. And imagine Penn State Altoona having the only degree program focused on the modern version of that old technology. “Freight railroading is booming right now,” says Bryan Schlake, instructor in rail transportation engineering … Continue reading

The Life of an American Poet

“Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.”                ― Bruce Lee Cameron Conaway is on a roll. He is ending his semester as Emerging Writer in Residence at Penn State Altoona on a high note: National Public Radio chose his book of poems, … Continue reading

Edwin W. Zoller

Editor’s note: The name “Zoller” was always spoken with reverence in the house I grew up in because both my parents attended Penn State Altoona while the Zollers (he professor of art and she professor of romance languages) were faculty members. Ed Zoller left a particular mark because he was … Continue reading

Agua for Everyone

Water. All life forms can’t survive without it. And we are reminded daily that, as the population grows and supplies are stretched, water becomes an even more precious commodity. Governments are constantly trying to manage and distribute water among those who need it for drinking and washing, as well as … Continue reading

Better Writers

Most certainly in 2000 BC the teenagers of Mesopotamia were not struggling over any class writing assignments. Written communication was just in its infancy, images on clay tablets (most likely fewer than 140 characters) the norm. Over time those images began to represent sounds and the act of writing words … Continue reading

Igniting the Light

For artists, finding an environment conducive to the creative process is not always easy. The world intrudes, work calls, family beckons. When distractions mount, how does an artist (or writer) manage to find the time and space to create? Fellowships and grants can allow an artist the financial freedom to … Continue reading

Conspiring for a Common Read

Imagine an entire campus “on the same page.” Not for a sports team (although that’s possible), not for a political party (realistically never possible), not even for a charitable event (always desirable but still not always possible), but simply for a book. That’s the goal of “Common Read,” a program … Continue reading

A Part of the World

“The poetry of earth is never dead” —John Keats The trail entrance is easy to miss, behind a guide rail in a tight curve on narrow Tipton Road. But Todd Davis knows where he’s going. He parks his pickup truck along the road and climbs easily over the rail. When … Continue reading