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Helen Bailie, Part-Time Lecturer in English


Bailie, H. 2013. Review of Developing Multicultural Leaders: The Journey to Leadership Success by Farid Muna and Ziad Zennie. Competitiveness Review: An International Business Journal 21 (3): 328–29.


Bailie, H. 2012. Review of The Palestinian Executive: Leadership Under Challenging Conditions by Farid A. Muna and Dr Grace C. Khoury. Competitiveness Review: An International Business Journal 23 (4/5): 430–32.

Pamela E. Blackmon, Assistant Professor of Political Science


Blackmon, P. 2009. Review of Globalization and the Future of the Welfare State, ed.Miguel Glatzer and Dietrich Rueschemeyer. International Studies Review 8 (1): 116–19.


Blackmon, P. 2008. Review of In Defense of Globalization by Jagdish Bhagwati. Journal of International Relations and Development 9 (4): 422–24.


Blackmon, P. 2007. Review of Globalization and International Political Economy: The Politics of Alternative Futures by Mark Rupert and M. Scott Solomon. International Studies Review 9 (3): 474–77.


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