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Laura E. Rotunno, Associate Professor of English

Rotunno, L. E. 2002. Review of Gothic Pathologies: The Text, the Body and the Law by David Punter. Genre: Forms of Discourse and Culture 33 (1): 120–22.

———. 2001. Review of Epistolary Histories: Letters, Fiction, Culture by Amanda Gilroy and W. M. Verhoeven. Style 35 (3): 548–52.

Jessica Showalter, Information Resources and Services. Support Specialist

Showalter, J. 2013. Review of Enlightenment Cosmopolitanism, ed. David Adams and Galin Tihanov. Studies in the Humanities 40 (1–2): 311–14.

Edit Toth, Part-time Lecturer in Art History


Toth, E. 2012. “The Art of Andor Weininger in Transition,” Review of A Bauhausler in Canada: Andor Weininger in the 50s by Oliver Botar (Oshawa; The Robert McLaughlin Gallery, 2009). Hungarian Studies Review 39 (1–2): 133–36.


Toth, E. 2008. “Another Look at the Early Moholy-Nagy,” Review of Technical Detours: The Early Moholy-Nagy Reconsidered by Oliver Botar (New York, 2006). Hungarian Studies Review 35 (1–2): 187–90.



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