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Peter M. Hopsicker, Division Head, Associate Professor of Kinesiology


Hopsicker, P. 2010. “‘No Hebrews Allowed’: How the 1932 Lake Placid Winter Olympic Games Survived the ‘Restricted’ Adirondack Culture, 1877–1932.” Penn State Altoona College Colloquia, March.

———. 2010. “‘On Hopsicker Pond’ and Other Things My Public School Never Taught Me about the Adirondacks While I Was Growing Up in the Adirondacks.” SUNY Cortland Outdoor Recreation Center, Racquet Lake, NY, July.


Hopsicker, P. 2007. “Finding the ‘Ears to Hear’ and the ‘Eyes to See’ Miracles in Sport.” Penn State Altoona College Colloquia, December.

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