The ideal engineer is a composite. . . . He is not a scientist, he is not a mathematician, he is not a sociologist or a writer; but he may use the knowledge and techniques of any or all of these disciplines in solving engineering problems. —Nathan W. Dougherty, American … Continue reading

The Bats of Shaver’s Creek

There are finally some small signs of hope for bats. Hit very hard by a fungal disease called “white-nose syndrome” over a decade ago, the bat population across the United States—including Pennsylvania’s little brown bats—has declined precipitously. Yet Michael Gannon, professor of biology at Penn State Altoona, who has been … Continue reading

Plant a Tree at Flight 93

The 8th annual Plant a Tree at Flight 93 event at the Flight 93 Memorial in Shanksville, PA, is happening this weekend. And once again Penn State Altoona participated, working with the National Park Service employees and high school students from Tyrone to prepare the buckets of seedlings to be … Continue reading

Time in the Woods

Talk to poet Todd Davis for any length of time and the conversation is going to turn to nature—specifically, the place of humans in nature in the twenty-first century and where we are going. His sixth book of poetry, Native Species (Michigan State Press, 2019), continues the themes of nature … Continue reading

Chesapeake Bay Field Trip 2019

Carolyn Mahan, professor of biology and environmental studies, and Laura Palmer, associate professor of biology, took Penn State Altoona environmental studies and biology students on a weekend field trip to the Chesapeake Bay, where they stayed at the Karen Noonan Center and explored the surrounding marsh. Mahan has been taking … Continue reading