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Ceramic Water Filter Timeline

An interactive web-based timeline of literature and developments on point of use ceramic water filter technology, water health and safety, and materials engineering research related to potable water within and beyond the African Diaspora. This timeline was made possible by a Humanitarian Engineering Grant through the Materials Research Institute at Penn State. The timeline builds on and is an extension of the African Diaspora Water Crisis Curriculum Project through Reservoir Studio. Initial funding for the African Diaspora Water Crisis Curriculum Project was provided by the Africana Research Center at Penn State.

PK12 Book Recommendations

Hands in Clay by Speight and Toki
Children, Clay, and Sculpture by Topal
When Clay Sings by Bird Baylor and Tom Bahti
The Pot that Juan Built by Andrews-Goebel
Dave the Potter: Artist, Poet, Slave by Hill and Collier
Clay and Glazes for the Potter by Rhodes
The Kiln Book: Materials, Specifications, and Construction by Olsen


Ceramics Definitions [East Columbus High School, NC, USA]



2016 Pennsylvania Art Education Association (PDF)