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K-12 Curriculum Materials

If you have questions about any of these documents or would like to share your own curriculum and lesson ideas for possible inclusion on this page please let us know: We would also like to know if you try these lessons with your own students.

Bryan Collegiate School Curriculum

This curriculum was written for Bryan Collegiate School in Bryan, TX.


Potable Art Exhibition Curricula

Family Gallery Guide for the Potable Art Exhibition

Teacher’s Gallery Guide for the Potable Art Exhibition

Klar Aqua Environmental Education Curriculum


Mindmeister Curriculum Mindmaps

Hypertext Water SEA Curriculum, Vermont College of Fine Arts MA/MAT (2017)

Hypertext Water Curriculum, Vermont College of Fine Arts MA/MAT collaborative project (2016)

Community Water Plan, by Pamela Keil

Water Discussion Template, by Raphaela Brandner


Pittsburgh Gifted Center Water Filter Curriculum

Pinch Cups for Ceramic Water Filters, by Cynthia Blackwell

The Pot with the Silver Lining, by Cynthia Blackwell

Ceramic Water Filters Quiz, by Cynthia Blackwell

Green Run Collegiate Water Curriculum


K-12 Schools and Programs

Environmental Design Program, Olathe East High School, Kansas, USA.

Water Filter Curriculum Materials

How to Create a Ceramic Water Filter

How To Create a Mini Filter