Fourth Graders, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Civic Engagement

Watching this video of fourth graders singing a Call Me Maybe tuned song about the civic duty to vote for a president. This video really called out to me on the fact that there are so many countries out there that are trying to strive for democracy, and as a country that has had the luxury of being based upon democracy, we have had the advantage to take a part of the decision making process, one of the most important decisions being as to who will run the future of our country. Sometimes, I feel that I underestimate what it truly means to be an American citizen, part of a democracy, part of the independent world. Because we are so used to our lifestyle, the way we seem to have control over our lives, the fact that the government does not control every aspect of our lives, we tend to forget how there are people out there who are constantly dreaming of a democracy in their future. We have the privilege of living in such a great country, the land of the free but we have to look into the past of our country’s history, we see that we were once subjected to acts of imperialism exerted by the British. It is not as though we were formed as a nation one day and some guy screamed out, “Hey! Let’s become a democracy!” We got to be where we are today because of the fact that long ago, we were once in a position where we were not in charge of our futures, but rather we had someone else calling the shots on our future, our lives, our destinies. Although we managed to get ourselves out of that situation, there are many countries who did not get the opportunity to do so and as such, we need to take advantage of our already established democracy and find a way to enstill it in others.

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  1. Dhiren Kapoor says:

    That’s awesome!
    I love that song. Actually, I hate that song. It’s a love/hate relationship. It’s just so catchy.
    This video makes the song even better though. These fourth graders are singing about civic engagement in our country. It’s great to see. Maybe our future isn’t doomed!

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