Randumb Fact #22: The guy who invented the karaoke machine, Daisuke Inoue, couldn’t sing, couldn’t read music, and played the keyboard about as well as your average third-grader.

karaokeSometimes we limit ourselves to what we CAN’T rather than what we CAN do. I can’t run fast, so I can’t be a track and field star. I can’t paint, so I can’t be an artist. I can’t stand the sight of blood, so I can’t be a doctor. While some of these hold up to be true, sometimes we have to take a moment to look at the positives and focus on what talents or abilities we have been given, or work harder to master the abilities that do not come so readily to us. Look at Daisuke Inoue for instance, if he let his lack of musical ability determine who or what he could become in the future, we would’ve missed out on people doing their own renditions to the classics that make up the heart of American culture.


Ahhhhhhh!!We can’t let others define us as to what we are and are not capable of doing or becoming in the future. There is no guarantee that everyone finds their destiny at a particular point in time, or if their calling or talent becomes apparent early in their life as it may for others. For some, their “calling” is not readily apparent because it may present itself to not be a talent in the initial stages. It may prove to be an obstacle that seems impossible to move past or to accomplish. We all have something in our life that constantly challenges us, something that does not come naturally to us as it may to others. Does this mean that we should just accept defeat? Does this mean that we should just give up and try to focus our efforts elsewhere? While I would like to go all motivational speaker-like and tell you all that we can anything we want if we put our minds to it, sometimes, if we put all our effort towards something, it still doesn’t work out in our favor. Sometimes we are victorious and the world is happy place where anything is possible, but sometimes, life is hard, and even if we don’t want to admit it, we have to tell ourselves that although we tried our best and things didn’t work out, it just means that there is still something out there worth discovering, something worth trying, something worth living for. We need to understand that not everyone will understand their purpose or find their groove early on, but for some, it takes time and experience to find that one thing that makes us all happy. In the end, isn’t that what matters?

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