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Resilience Speaker Shares Inspirational Messages!

Dr. Margaret Mbindyo of Millersville University came to my LL Ed 005 College Reading class last Wednesday evening to speak to the class about her experiences and research on resilience.  Her talk was so well-received by the students and many commented on how her presentation resonated with the work we were currently doing on the topic. The most moving part was to hear about her own experiences growing up in Kenya and how much she and her family struggled to help her obtain her education.

She exhorted the students to “Aspire to something!”  which I believe they took very much to heart. I believe we all felt very uplifted and encouraged by her story. Students were very appreciative and thankful for her time with us.

Dr. Margaret Mbindyo, Tre Woodyard, and Devin King

Thanks Dr. Mbindyo for sharing your heart, your time, and your expertise with us!

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  1. Margaret Mbindyo

    Thank you so much for the opportunity. I truly enjoyed the conversations I had with your students and thank you deeply for giving me a chance to talk to them. Students everywhere have what it takes to succeed. Every educators and caregiver has a great responsibility of nurturing that resilience!

    • scs15

      Great to see your comment Dr. Mbindyo! Thanks again for your time with us!

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