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On this page, I’d like to acknowledge the following partners (in addition to the faculty and students who are acknowledged in the reflection page!) who supported this effort with their time, talent, and financial support. This could not have been accomplished without their dedication to the students of Penn State and beyond.

Dr. Leo Flanagan and Tom Bianco of the Center for Resilience Advisory, LLC (CFRA). Thanks also to Andrew Corcoran for his help in the early days of the project. Thanks to Sophia Gottleib, Research Assistant at the Bates Galaxies Lab and programmer at CFRA for helping get the results out!

Dr. Amber Seidel (Penn State York) who consulted and provided input throughout the formative days of the project.

Teaching & Learning with Technology at Penn State

The Schreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence

Faculty, staff, and administrative partners at the following PSU campuses: Altoona, Fayette, Harrisburg, Lehigh Valley, Mont Alto, & York. See the detailed list of all participants on the Blog page

I’d like to also give a special thank you to Dr. Al Vicere, Professor of Business Administration at Penn State Smeal College of Business and board member of the Jana Marie Foundation¬†who champions wellness and mental health efforts for young adults. He helped to make the connection with Dr. Flanagan at CFRA for this project. I know this topic is very close to your heart Dr. Vicere, and I’m hoping we can make a difference for our students through this effort!

Many thanks to the support personnel who served in various ways to help make this happen!

  • Dr. Tom Reinsfelder (MA), Bonnie Imler (Altoona), and Barb Eshbach (YK) for consenting our student participants.
  • Jelena Young, our extraordinary student worker for putting together the strategies packets for the presentations
  • Greg Madden, Jim Leous, John Kalbach, Keith Brautigam, and Joe Gridley, PSU IT and research gurus who helped us figure out the emailing process
  • Julie James and Joyel Moeller, our PSU IRB specialists who helped us navigate a complex series of projects
  • Kristy Hove at Penn State Lehigh Valley for coordinating the efforts of the many FYS faculty participants at her campus





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