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Strategies Cup

1) Find a nice container such as a favorite cup, clear glass jar, or a piece of pottery that you love. We used organza bags like this on our campus

organza bag

2) Print out this Strategies List and cut into the individual strips

3) Place the strips (folded up or left as they are) into the container

4) Each day, draw out one strip of paper and practice that strategy throughout the day. Place it aside at the end of the day in an envelope.

5) Continue until the strips come to an end. Then reverse the process, choosing one from the envelope to practice and placing it back into the container.

There are 20 different ideas to practice. As you build up the practice day by day, you build up your inner resources by generating positive emotions and managing your stress levels. Over time, add your own ideas and sayings that are meaningful to you! This practice helps you to have the inner resources to draw upon when the difficult things come along!

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