Tetris Table: Adjustable easel and art tool support for artists with motor impairment

Tetris Table: Adjustable easel and art tool support for artists with motor impairment(Stanford University)

Darrel Deo, Ehson Kolbehdari, Francisco Lopez 

Tetris Table: Adjustable easel and art tool support for artists with motor impairmentStroke and cerebral palsy are the most common causes for motor and dexterity impairments, annually affective approximately 795,000 and 10,000 respectively. These impairments can encumber daily tasks and leisure activities, oftentimes warranting direct assistance. However, the presence of an assistant has shown to cause feelings of dependence and a removed sense of individuality. Recently, there has been an emergence of art activities and programs for individuals with motor impairment. These programs help artists with impairments express their individuality and promote artistic expression, learning of a craft, a sense of community, and physical activity which can be beneficial in the context of rehabilitation and therapy. Unfortunately, there exists a lack of accessibility in art tools which has resulted in a common assistive technique known as ‘hand-over-hand’, where an assistant physically moves the hand of the artist around the canvas. The Tetris Table is an innovative solution to the obstructive hand-over-hand technique, allowing an artist to create art independently. The Tetris Table is an adjustable desktop easel with an innovative mechanical ‘helping hand’ capable of holding conventional pen-type upright and against the canvas with appropriate pressure. This ergonomic device includes a modular grip designed for ease-of-grasp regardless of grip orientation and strength, reducing fatigue from holding tools upright so the artist can focus on moving the tool in the plane of the canvas. The Tetris Table is an engaging and affordable assistive device that can restore independence and artistic autonomy for artists with motor impairment.

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