ChairMate: A universal power seat interface for adaptive vehicles

ChairMate: A universal power seat interface for adaptive vehicles (The Ohio State University)

Matt Fuerst, Justin Bishop, Will Brokaw, Conner Longworth, Jasveer Sandhu 

ChairMate: A universal power seat interface for adaptive vehiclesFor clinical users and healthcare providers, the alteration of vehicles for persons with disabilities involves challenging technology implementation. While there is a niche field for equipment of these nature, research and development for cutting edge solutions in assistive technology is in high demand in today’s market. Necessities for implementation include the installation of operating controls, ramps, lifts, and user transfer devices for persons with disabilities, as well as the removal of such technologies for those who may not have disabilities. The Assistive Technology Center at The Ohio State University is in need of adaptive interface for the removal of a power seat within a training vehicle. The primary focus of this project is to provide an innovative solution to clinicians and care givers to make the removal and re-installation of a power seat as easy and safe as possible. The proposed device includes an aluminum base plate with tapered guide rails mounted to the frame of the adaptive vehicle. The aluminum top plate, complete with 2-inch castor wheels and a mating rail, is mounted to an OEM power chair and the power chair is rolled into place and fastened using a shaft connected to a translating plate lock. The proposed design will allow The Ohio State University’s Assistive Technology Center access to more users with disabilities to use the adaptive vehicle for training purposes and provide an alternate solution to mass produced power seat interfaces in the mobility industry.

Design Brief


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