Easyrup: An universal aid for accurate and convenient medicine drinking

Easyrup: An universal aid for medicine drinking (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

Lau King Wa, Chan Yan Mui, Choi Yan Wing, Kwan Hau Tung, Lee Kelly Choi Lun

Easyrup: An universal aid for accurate and convenient medicine drinkingIt is difficult for people with problems with hand function and eye hand coordination problems induced by stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, visual deficits like low vision and blindness to measure liquid medicine accurately and conveniently. Inaccurate medicine taken which may seriously affect the treatment outcome, or spillage of medicine when pouring maybe resulted. Even people without physical impairment may also experience the problems mentioned.

As a result, Easyrup is designed for accurate measurement of liquid medicine by pumping out 5ml each time with simple steps. It is an universal aid which fits a wide spectrum of users and can be operated with just one hand or without visual feedback. Medicine can be directly drank from our aid and spoon is no longer needed. Medicine taking can then be easier for all.

Design Brief


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