Flexireach(The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

Li Kai Sing, Chan King Ho, Psymond; Lau Hiu Wing, Winnie; Yeung Hei Ching, Ivy, Yuen Pui Lam, Kelly 

Flexireach“Flexireach” —– An extended hand

“Flexireach” is a universal design product inspired from the users’ difficulties in climbing up or bending down for reaching. The commercial-available long handle reachers, however, has limitatons for reaching things in positions that require turning as they are all straight in shape.

“Flexireach” targets on flexibility and strength. Considering the flexibility, users can easily adjust the angle of handle according to their own needs and preferences, which enhances flexibility in use for people with different abilities. People may find difficulties in picking up objects at different heights, so “Flexireach” is critical for performing activities of daily living.

For strength, “Flexireach” adopt an additional aluminum plate on the handle, which helps stabilize angle of arms and increase strength. Holes on the plate allows the reacher to be stabilized at different angles, facilitating getting heavier objects from different places.

It is especially useful for elderly and people with low back or knee pain, as they experience difficulty in bending down or reaching overhead. “Flexireach” acts as their “extended hand” and promotes their independence in daily life.

Design Brief


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