FLICO : The upper limb exercise device for home-based rehabilitation of people with post-stroke

FLICO : The upper limb exercise device for home-based rehabilitation (Soon Chun Hyang University)

Won-Hoe Gu, Hong-joong Jeong, Ye-Rin Cha, Youn-Kyung Kang, Min-sung Lee, Jung-Yeon Kim

FLICO : The upper limb exercise device for home-based rehabilitation of people with post-strokeIt is trend that the elderly people and people with stroke are increasing all over the world. Many of them are suffering from poor overall condition and weakness of body parts. To solve these problems, most people visit the therapeutic center or rely on expensive medical devices. So we developed home based exercise device for upper extremity rehabilitation. The feature of this device is that it focuses on the separated movement of the upper limb, such as the fingers. Also, because both devices are connected, when one device moves, opposite device to the same range, and depending on the subject’s ability they can possible passive or active exercise.

The purpose of this device is not only to elderly people or people with stroke, but also to the subjects who have limited hand and wrist movement and weakness of the muscle, and it is possible to improve muscle strength through repetitive movements and to prevent secondary injury such as a contracture. In addition, it can reduce the burden on the user with an inexpensive cost compared to the existing similar products, and has an advantage that it can be used easily. At present, we have produced prototypes, and underway usability evaluations for experts and corresponding subjects. We will be generalizing through the update task, and our products will become universal home-use rehabilitation devices.

Design Brief


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