Sniffasizer (The University of Texas at Austin)

Yi Ji, Ethan Rohrer, Martín Ward, Tyler Wiest 

Sniffasizer The Sniffasizer is a device designed to help children with various disabilities learn using the sense of smell. By identifying and choosing scents based on given decision criteria, the users learn how to associate scents with their sources or differentiate between pleasant and unpleasant scents. The Sniffasizer is a novel associative learning tool that can deliver specific scents on demand. When activated, it delivers a user’s selected scent near instantaneously using an electronically controlled network of tubing and scent sources. The Sniffasizer’s biggest strength is adaptability. It has integrated motion sensors to detect hand placement near photos that correspond to scent choices but also accepts a wide variety of buttons and switches using the assistive technology standard 3.5mm plug. Scents are delivered through an adjustable modular hose to facilitate usage from a distance that best fits the user.The Sniffasizer represents a remarkable step in assistive technology by incorporating scent into the toolset of educators. Opening another sense to controlled stimulation could provide a new channel of communication for some students and provides another dimension for educators to work in.

Design Brief


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