The People's Stander: A pediatric therapy stander for the children of Botswana

The People's Stander: A pediatric therapy stander for the children of Botswana (Ohio University)

The People's Stander: A pediatric therapy stander for the children of BotswanaSteven Wise, Joseph Juratovac, Scott Brooks, Yachao Ren, Lucas Bond 

Ohio University 2016-2017 Senior Design Team 8 was tasked with designing, manufacturing, and assisting with the implementation of a pediatric physical therapy standing frame as their Senior Capstone Project. The standing frame must: fit a range of patients 2-8 years of age, be easily manufactured and assembled with hand tools and limited power tools, be inexpensive with respect to the current market for such devices with an initial target cost of $100 without labor, be able to move the patient from the prone to the fully upright position with a preference for additional supine position capability, be able to assist patients with a wide variety of disabilities (i.e from pliant to stiff joints), comfortably support the patient for up to 2 hours of use, have an activity tray for the patient to use during therapy sessions, be user friendly for the caregivers to interact with the patient, be able to fit through a standard doorway, be liquid resistant in the case of patient accidents, preferably be transportable to Gaborone, Botswana by carry on luggage but at least able to be implemented in Gaborone with detailed manufacturing and assembly plans. The team developed two solutions: The People’s Stander that families can construct on their own and the Clinical Grade stander that will be sent to the Mariri Clinic. These solutions will greatly improve the lives of children with disabilities in Gaborone and eventually the country of Botswana.

Design Brief


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