The Pik-Pokket: A device that easily removes bank cards, credit cards and licenses from wallets of varied design.

The Pik-Pokket: A device that easily removes cards from wallets  (Western New England University)

Joseph Gucciardi, Patricia DosSantos, Dimitrios Kastrinakis, Judy Cezeaux, Patricia Meyers

The Pik-Pokket: A device that easily removes bank cards, credit cards and licenses from wallets of varied design.The purpose of the project was to design a device that facilitates the acquisition of a card from a wallet for individuals may have limited hand function including individuals with carpometacarpal osteoarthritis. The final design is an assistive device for people with diminished hand function that can limit the ability to remove a card, such as a credit card or a bank card, from a container, such as a wallet. The importance of this design is to allow individuals the capability of performing the tasks required when using a credit card, which can be considered an instrumental activity of daily living.

Design Brief


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