Safe Snowboard Binding for a Triple Amputee

Safe Snowboard Binding for a Triple Amputee (The Pennsylvania State University)

Safe Snowboard Binding for a Triple AmputeeVictoria Heasley, Maya Jankowska, Paul Grossman,Ryan Coleman, John Mallet, Josh Milanak , Brian Gross 




Problem statement: Our team was asked to build a safe and secure snowboard binding for a person with a history of triple amputation who lacks his right arm above the elbow and both legs above the knee. Special consideration was taken in providing safe damping because without knees, he cannot bend and absorb the impact force from riding a board. Our client’s ability to attach to the snowboard while standing with ease can be done only using his left hand. These considerations will be used to fulfill the goal of keeping out client safe while snowboarding recreationally and potentially competitively.

Design Solution: This project involves the design and construction of the following components: 1) a high-fill plastic 3D printed “foot” that can attach to the end of our client’s prosthetic legs, 2) a new type of binding which will fit around our client’s “feet” and allow him to stand, 3) a damping system to reduce stress on his hips, and 4) an attachment mechanism to fasten to the snowboard.

Expected Significance: It was our goal to work with our client to develop a way for him to resume his favorite hobby and regain back part of his life. However, the future of our product lies in the customizability, which opens up possibilities of helping future clients to achieve their goals of safe snowboarding. We also hope that our product will allow the impossible to become the possible for these clients as well.

Design Brief


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