AXIS Product Photo

AXIS: Portable Folding Transfer Board (California Institute of Technology and ArtCenter College of Design)

AXIS Product PhotoSherrie Yang, Elliott Davis, Bogdan Dimitriu, Mary Boyajian

The AXIS folding wheelchair transfer board was designed to promote user independence by streamlining the process of transferring in and out of a wheelchair. Our goal was to develop an affordable solution that helps reduce the possibility of falls and future medical complications that can occur when individuals perform a depression transfer. By developing a transfer board that folds in half to reduce the overall size, AXIS provides enhanced portability compared to current market solutions. Through our research we discovered that many people, including those with upper body injuries forgo using a transfer board due to the difficulties of transporting and storing the board. The AXIS folding transfer board solves these problems so that users will never again have to compromise safety for convenience.

Design Brief 


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