Modu: The Universal Household Tray for Aging in Place

Modu: The Universal Household Tray for Aging in Place (San Francisco State University)

Modu: The Universal Household Tray for Aging in PlaceLamar Pi 

MODU is designed to assist those who face challenges in mobility; the product is designed to promote independence in the home environment. The intent is to create a universal tray, along with an ecosystem of accessories that is highly modular, and customizable per user for existing products on the market such as the walker, rollator, and wheelchair, because these solutions are widely used. Ideally, MODU and its ecosystem would have it’s own redesigned walker to further customize the system for the user. We aspire for users to become more independent and confident to complete everyday tasks around the house, ultimately improving the quality of life, and enabling users to age in place.

Design Brief


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