First prize awarded to tÜthbrush

2017 RESNA Student Design Competition

There were over 70 submissions to the 2017 RESNA Student Design Competition, and over 40 colleges and universities participated.

First prize awarded to tÜthbrush

Roger Smith (President, RESNA); Steven Erickson, Dylan DeBerardine, Zoé Lauters (University of Central Florida); Emma Smith (Chair, RESNA Student Design Competition)

First prize was awarded to tÜthbrush (University of Central Florida). As described by the students, tÜthbrush “has been created to eliminate the wrist and arm movement necessary with a standard toothbrush in order to provide a better way to maintain an acceptable level of oral hygiene”. tÜthbrush also was awarded the TREAT prize for “Technology Most Likely to Become Commercially Available”.


Chair Stairs team

Roger Smith (President, RESNA); Abilee Kellett , Justin Turner (University of British Columbia); Emma Smith (Chair, RESNA Student Design Competition)



Second prize was awarded to ChairStairs,  an assistive technology device for independent wheelchair-to-ground transfers (University of British Columbia).




Penn State student team with RESNA officials

Roger Smith (President, RESNA); Bobby Gobao, Jim Nixon (Pennsylvania State University); Emma Smith (Chair, RESNA Student Design Competition)




Third prize was awarded to Evaluation Software for Computer Application Methods (Penn State University).




Eight finalists were identified from the more than 70 submissions received. All finalists received  an opportunity to present at the 2017 RESNA conference in New Orleans, LA, with funding support from the National Science Foundation.


Matt Higger and David McNaughton

Matt Higger (Northeastern University); David McNaughton (RERC on AAC)

Shuffle Speller received first prize in the 2017 RERC on AAC Student Research and Design Competition

RESNA 2018 will be held in Washington, DC, from July 11-15, 2018

*All photos by John Anschutz

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