AutoFly-X Chair: more autonomy for the flight experience through an innovative aisle chair

University of Sao Paulo

Lucas Cruz, Yuri Spuras, Pedro Antonacio, and Denilton Silva

Traveling with reduced mobility or some disability can be a very difficult task, especially
if it involves being within the restricted space of the airplane. Aircrafts have physical
constraints that create difficulties for accessibility. For this reason, those passengers
that are faced with limited mobility or disability often have a challenging journey
throughout the entire flight experience. The AutoFly-X Chair solution aims to increase
user autonomy and comfort during the flight, specially on boarding, disembarking and
seating allocation. Our idea is to use a motorized wheelchair that serves as the proper
flight seat and should be locked on the aircraft cabin floor through a locking base,
which is attached to the airplane seats’ fixation track. The wheelchair can move into
the airplane’s aisle. The primary structure of the wheelchair should enter the
airplane’s seat position with a 90 degree curve, as the rotating mechanism too
executes a 90 degree movement, automatically, aided by sensors and actuators. So,
this solution should improve life quality and social inclusion of people with reduced
mobility or physical disability, not only making air travel less difficult for them but also
allowing those who don’t even fly because of bad experiences to do so.

RESNA Design Brief

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