Connecthetics – A way to connect prosthetic users and clinicians

Wichita State University

Will Bachman, Garrett Wolf, Sarah Alhazza, and Aundra Stovall

Connecthetics is a group consisting of four senior biomedical engineers, Sarah Alhazza, William Bachman, Garret Wolf, and Aundra Stovall who aim to provide community, convenience, and connections to all prosthetic users. Our focus is to give prosthetic users, especially those that have to travel a far distance to get to a prosthetic clinic, a convenient way to make adjustments in the comfort of their own home with the assistance of a certified prosthetist. There are a limited number of prosthetic clinics and often times patients have to drive a great distance to make it to their appointment that could possible last ten minutes. Our aim is to help patients save time and money. In order to help prosthetic user save time and money, we plan to build an app that will allow the clinician and patient to communicate effectively and efficiently. In the app, the patient will be able to have a live chat with the clinician to discuss adjustments and any other questions they need more information about. This app will be a combination of Uber and Facebook, in terms of the quick convenience of Uber and the networking and connection possibilities of Facebook.

RESNA Design Brief

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