Photo of a field test, consisting of a balck and white targets with multiple dots indicating focus on the center, for the Ocula Track

OculaTrack: Quantification of Scotoma Size and Location in Individuals with Central Visual Field Loss using a Virtual Reality Headset

Wichita State University

Jacob Griffith, Kaitlynn Norris, Grant Milford, and Jacqueline Dang

Macular Degeneration (MD) is the leading cause of vision loss in America affecting more than 13 million people today. MD is caused by the deterioration of the central portion of the retina leading to a scotoma, or blind spot. Current methods to map the size and location of blind spots require properly trained medical personnel to use expensive imaging equipment (scanning laser ophthalmoscope) or lack quantitative information, increasing chances of variability due to inter-observer error.

The OculaTrack team’s mission is to provide a low-cost, quantitative alternative to current methods for mapping the size and location of scotomas for patients with MD and other types of vision loss. We have developed the OculaTrack visual field test to alternatively map the blind spots in the visual field using a Samsung Gear Virtual Reality Headset. OculaTrack visual field testing is performed by presenting stationary stimuli (one dot at a time) randomly in all areas of the tested visual field while the user fixates upon the center point. With multiple tests over time, subsequent tracking of the size and location of the scotoma can be performed quantitatively.

The OculaTrack visual field test offers a low-cost alternative to current methods of mapping scotomas while adding an increased ability for quantification to the California Central Visual Field Test. Additionally, by utilizing a VR headset and an easy-to-use software, this system could be applicable between appointments in-home, during appointments, and as a guide for occupational therapists assisting the user to adapt to their constantly changing vision.

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