Photo of black sock with orange markings for hook areas

Talus Stretch- Ankle Rehab & Injury Prevention

Jefferson University

Antonio Wooten and Matthew Sharayko

The following document provides an introduction and proposed solution as a result of research around injury rehabilitation as it relates to sports related ankle injuries. The process of injury rehabilitation can be painful, costly and time consuming. Maintaining progress along the route of gradual rehab is a mutual responsibility of physical therapist and their patients. In addition to prescribed appointments to meet expected checkpoints patients also have an agency through at home exercises and activities to help stay on track and/or expedite the healing process. The information provided through interviewing a highly qualified and Licensed Physical Therapist, Dr. Ali El-Kerdi, consulting with textile experts within our textiles department, and user testing helped us to actualize a product that exists in the form of a rehabilitative sock and an attached resistance tube.

RESNA Design Brief

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