Photo of the black metal Transformer Crutches not in use

Transformer Crutches

California State University

Yeonho Jeong, Hyunjoon Choi, Sungjun Byun, and Junghan Kang

Crutches are tools for people who injured and their leg. There are many types of crutches; underarm or axilla, forearm, platform, leg support, one crutch. The traditional crutch, which is a long stick with a crosspiece at the top, used as a support under the armpit. The knee scooter is a two, three or four-wheeled alternative to crutches or a traditional walker as an ambulation aid. When people injure their legs, they often buy both the crutches and the scooter. However, it is hard to carry both at the same time. Outside, it is easy to use knee scooter, but hard to use inside. On the other hand, the crutch is hard to use outside. To solve this problem, Team T.C made an idea that is called the transformer crutch.

RESNA Design Brief

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