Enabo (RERC on AAC award)

Georgia Institute of Technology

Xiuxiu Yuan

The purpose of this project was to design a platform, “Enabo”, for user specific assistive technology (USAT). “Enabo” would allow occupational therapists (OTs) to design and deliver highly customizable hand-mounted switch controls for persons with severe disabilities using rapid prototyping (RP) tools. Specifically, OTs would be able to adjust predesigned models through an intuitive user interface (UI) therefore change the design to meet users’ unique needs.

Xiuxiu Yuan (Georgia Institute of Technology) won the 2018 RERC on AAC Student Research and Design Competition for her work on Enabo: A User Specific Assistive Technology “Hand-mounted Switch Control” Design Platform. The 2018 competition was designed to stimulate research and development on the topic of access and Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC).

Design Brief

Product Demonstration Video

Roger Smith (President, RESNA); Xiuxiu Yuan (Georgia Institute of Technology); David McNaughton (RERC on AAC)









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