BTS – The Computer-aid Diagnosis and Treatment System for BPPV (Second Prize – Tie)

Inha University

Jin Gu Kang, Seung Gaan Lee

BPPV is an annoying disease because it causes intense dizziness and recurs frequently. Patients have to come to the hospital whenever it recurs because it is rarely stabilized before treatment. This project is to develop a computer-aid system that allows BPPV patients to be treated at home. An IMU sensor tracks the movement of patients’ head and two 3D models instruct patients to do proper head position correctly. The system is precisely customized to each patient using previous treatment data, so the home treatment could be as efficient as that of the hospital. The program has been tested by otolaryngologists and eight normal subjects have tried this program at the hospital and their treatment data were collected for analysis. Feedback from them has been reflected. BPPV is a common disease for old people. Since the population is getting older all around the world, the market becomes larger. Also, the price is reasonable comparing to the medical fee. It is expected to be commercialized after more tests.

Design Brief

Roger Smith (President, RESNA); Seong-Hee Yoon (Chair, RESNA Student Design Competition); Seung Gaan Lee (Inha University); Jin Gu Kang (Inha University)



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