DEIASO – A Smart Band for the Hearing Impaired (First Prize)

Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

Archit Matta, Ayush Kumar, Bhavya Kaushik

World Health Organization data (2012) shows that 360 million people (5.3% of world population) suffer from hearing related disabilities. The disabling hearing loss levels are highest in South Asian countries at 2.4% for children and 48% for adults over 65 years. In everyday life, hearing impaired individuals miss out on many important events, sometimes even emergency notifications just because they cannot react to sound. A few examples of such kind of impulsive sounds are vehicle horns, fire alarms, doorbell, telephone ring, baby cry and name call. Our product DEIASO (Detection and Identification of Alarming Sounds) is a low-cost wearable Smart Band which can recognize these alarming sounds and alerts the user through a tactile and visual response. The simple design and low price point of the product ensure that it is accessible to the public and is easy to use. The application also supports text to speech functionality. DEIASO identifies alarming sounds and provides non-intrusive alerts enabling the user to react accordingly. The overall vision of the team is that DEIASO can serve as a tool for empowerment of the millions of hearing-impaired people and can bring some positive impact on their lives. The product has been awarded the “Design and Innovation Translational Seed Grant” of INR 1,80,000 from Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. It has also been showcased at the “Harvard US-India Initiative 2018” held at ITC Maurya, New Delhi.

Design Brief

Product Demonstration Video

Roger Smith (President, RESNA); Archit Matta (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi); Seong-Hee Yoon (Chair, RESNA Student Design Competition)


The DEIASO Team–Ayush Kumar, Archit Matta, Bhavya Kaushik (From L-R)



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