Photo of blade runner, a mechanical blade attached to a wooden, felt-covered base, not in use

Blade Runner

University of Pittsburgh/Rehabilitation Science and Technology

Chonnikan Ariyakul and Anthony Yang

Inclusion people with disabilities into all aspect of community is a reality throughout the
world. Recreation activities is becoming a crucial way to engage people with disabilities
to their society. To accommodate people with disabilities, assistive technology has
given people with disabilities the ability to enjoy recreational activities at an
independent level. A group of students in the Arts and Fashion class from the
Community Living and Support Services (CLASS) were observed requiring much
assistance or unable to cut the fabric needed to complete their project using standard
cutting tools. Our team designed and created an adaptable rotary cutter to address the
question: Can an adaptable rotary cutting device help people with disabilities to cut
fabric independently? The device created named, the Blade Runner, is designed to
accommodate students with upper extremity limitations, a mechanical advantage
promotes an efficient force to a rotary blade and cut fabric. The expectation of the
Blade Runner is allow anyone with an upper extremity limitation cut fabric

RESNA Design Brief

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