Multi degree of freedom artboard upon delivery to local school along with paint distribution system (not shown)

Köbak A Haversack for a user with SCP (Spastic Cerebral Palsy)

Universidad Iberoamericana Mexico City

Ariadna Cherit & Andrea Gutierrez

Assistive technologies are a series of tools that are meant to tear down limitations in daily activities and dissolve restrictions in participation for people with disabilities. Therefore, this collection of gadgets could make the difference in people’s lives by helping them communicate, go to school, eat, dress themselves and have leisure activities while giving them confidence and independence. KÖBAG is a wearable device based on the universal design and intuitive paradigm, that keeps your personal belongings and school supplies safe while being trendy and practical. We were able to design a haversack for a SCP (Spastic Cerebral Palsy) user according to his range of motion, anthropometry and his needs.

RESNA Design Brief


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