(Top) The completed prototype with the vest turned inside out; (bottom) close-up of the cooling and control board showing (clockwise, starting from upper left) Peltier cooler, Arduino controller, relays and pump

A Smart Cooling Vest for People with Thermoregulatory Disorder

City College of New York

Satesh M. Mahadeo, Artur Zych, Diar Sanakov

Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) patients often lose the ability to sense and control their body temperature, making them very susceptible to temperature-related illnesses, such as heat stroke. To solve this problem, we designed a cooling vest to cool water with a Peltier cooler and circulate it through a network of tubes around the vest by inducing flow with a centrifugal pump. An Arduino-based feedback control system senses the wearer’s core body temperature in order to determine when cooling is required to self-regulate the cooling system. The finished prototype had a maximum cooling power of 120 watts and it successfully turned itself on/off when temperatures got above/within core body temperature range (37±0.5C).

RESNA Design Brief


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